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P21 Be Holy, For I Am Holy (1996)*A piece in the whole-tone scale that sets up a musical pun on its title, which is from I Peter 1:16. It reflects the title further in its 9/8 meter, which was considered the perfect time in the Middle Ages because the three beats divided in three represents the Trinity. For my daughter Mary Anne. Grade 6. Duration: 4′. Price: $2.

P38 Church in the Wildwood (2011)Scored for piano solo.
A piece from the collection Quiltings, reflections of the art quilts by my sister-in-law, Ann Harwell. Published by Tarsus Music. Duration: 1′. Price: $2.95.

P11 Canonic Invention (1972)*This contrapuntal study is a canon of the inversion at the 8ve throughout, modeled on Bach’s Inventions. Now also the Fugue in C minor in “From Alpha to Omega.” Duration: 3′. Price: $2.

P10 Cry Of The Untouchables (1990) Listen to this piece on the “Out of Darkness” CD.
Cast in a three-movement sonata cycle, this work concerns the plight of street children and runaways. The movements (The Pleasures of This World, Lost Innocence, and Reconciliation) reflect on the rescue of such children from the streets and their reconciliation with their families and God’s family. Difficult. Duration: 18′. Price: $18.

P18 Dusk (1995)*
A nocturne in the pentatonic scale, written for my daughter Mary Anne. Grade 3. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.

P41 Family Trees (2011)
Scored for piano solo.
A piece from the collection Quiltings, reflections of the art quilts by my sister-in-law, Ann Harwell. Published by Tarsus Music. Duration: 2′. Price: $2.95.

P05 Five Bagatelles For Piano (1977)*
These miniatures work well by themselves and as a suite. Highly suitable as teaching and concert pieces. Of medium difficulty. Duration: 6′. Price: $5.

P23 For God Alone My Soul Waits In Silence (1999)
A meditative work in memory of Michael Spry, a recovered alcoholic who came to salvation in Jesus Christ. This composition portrays his life as a homeless person in despair and emptiness, and God’s grace in leading him to salvation. Duration: 8″. Price: $12. Available on the “Sonatas and Meditations” CD

P26 From Alpha To Omega (2002)* Listen to the Alpha to Omega CD on the Recordings page.
48 preludes and fugues in the manner of each volume of J. S. Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier. The collection starts with A major and ends with G# minor, the Alpha and Omega of the musical alphabet. Duration: 75′. Price: $35. NOTE TO PIANO TEACHERS: Individual preludes and fugues are available for $3.00 each. They may be ordered from the online store.

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P18 P27 Good Friday (2004)An expansion of the C# Minor Prelude From Alpha and Omega commissioned by my father, Richard M. Saul, shortly before his death. Duration: 5.. Price: $3.

P39 Hail Bopp (2011)
Scored for piano solo.
A piece from the collection Quiltings, reflections of the art quilts by my sister-in-law, Ann Harwell. Published by Tarsus Music. Duration: 1′. Price: $2.95.

P06 Half A Dozen In A Dozen (1985)
Six short, highly contrasting pieces in the twelve-tone serial technique. Duration: 7′. Price: $6.

P18P15 Horses (1994)*
A rollicking tune written at my daughter Charity’s request to celebrate her favorite animals. In the Lydian mode, about grade 4-5. Duration: 2′. Price: $2.

P18P14 Lament For Cookie (1994)*
A grade 2-3 piece in the Dorian mode in memory of my daughter Mary Anne’s pet mouse. Duration: 2′. Price: $2.
P18P32 Lament For Marmalade (2007)

Composed in memory of our 19-year-old pet cat. Duration: 4′. Price: $5.

P31 Nocturne For Charity (2007)
This Nocturne is a musical reflection of my elder daughter Charity. Duration: 4′. Price: $5.

P35 Nocturne For James Robyzad (2007)
Composed to honor my son-in-law James Robyzad Williams. Duration: 3′. Price: $5.

P30 Nocturne For Mary Anne (2006)
This Nocturne is a musical reflection of my younger daughter Mary Anne. Duration: 5′. Price: $5.

P18P28 Nocturne For My Father (2005)
A nocturne composed in memory of my father, Richard Marshall Saul. Duration: 5′. Price: $5.

P18P29 Nocturne For My Mother (2006)
This work was written in honor of my mother, Suzanne M. Saul. The piece is a simple vision of the Lord descending quietly from heaven into the fretfulness she and we all face in life here on earth. A struggle for control ensues but eventually the Lord has His way as He escorts her into heaven in a noble, quiet, and royal way. Duration: 5′. Price: $5.

P42 Nocturne: Light Shines Out of Darkness (2012)
In memory of my uncle, John Gouverneur Mosher. Duration: 5′. Price: $4.95.

P19 Nocturne From Gethsemane (1995)*
A dramatic portrayal of Jesus Christ’s prayer and arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, written for my daughter Charity. Grade 5-6. Duration: 4′. Price: $2.

P18P25 Nocturne From The Upper Room (2001)
Reflections on the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with His disciples, the night before His crucifixion. Duration: 6′. Price: $4.

P37 Nocturne: Where Is God My Maker Who Gives Songs in the Night? (2002)
This work was written to mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Laura Kay Griffis, who died on February 21, 2002, at the age of only 26. Duration: 3′. Price: $3.

P04 On The Transfiguration Of The Lord Jesus (1987)
A meditation on the Transfiguration scene of Luke 9:28-36. This one-movement work depicts not only the glory of our transfigured Lord, but also the Crucifixion which is discussed by Christ, Moses, and Elijah. Moderate difficulty. Duration: 10′. Price: $6. Available on the “Sonatas and Meditations” CD

P36 Palingenesia  (2009) YOUTUBE
A meditation on the restoration of everything to its pre-fall created state, as described in Romans 8:22-23. Duration: 6′. Price: $6. Available on the “Sonatas and Meditations” CD

P07 Prelude And Postlude (1972)
These two short pieces work especially well in “framing” a recital or a section thereof; also work well individually. Moderately difficult. Duration: 4′. Price: $4.

P43 Quiltings (2013)
Pieces to portray the fiber art of Ann Harwell. Duration: 75′. Price: $75.
View on Ann’s Website              View on Walter’s Website

P09 Six Preludes For Piano (1971)
These pieces are slightly longer and more challenging than the Bagatelles. A highly varied set of pieces representing diverse classical and jazz styles. Duration: 13′. Price: $6.

P01 Sonata #1 For Piano (1970)
In three movements: Andante-Moderato, Andante cantabile, and Allegro. Moderately difficult. Duration: 15′. Price: $15. Available on the “Sonatas and Meditations” CD

P02 Sonata #2 For Piano (1981)
Two highly-contrasting movements (Furioso, Andante espressivo) unite to form an unique entity, the second movement answering the many questions posed in the first.  Difficult. Duration: 15′. Price: $15.Available on the “Sonatas and Meditations” CD

P03 Sonata #3 For Piano (1984) Listen to this piece on the “Out of Darkness” CD.
A joyous, buoyant work in three movements. Moderately difficult. Duration: 15′. Price: $30.

P13 Sonata #4 For Piano (1993)
This short piano sonata uses many jazz and popular harmonies and rhythms to create a light and joyful mood in the outer movements. The middle movement, however, is an elegy. Duration: 11′. Price: $18. Available on the “Sonatas and Meditations” CD

P33 Sonata #5 For Piano (2007)
Commissioned by Arlene Steffen – a reflection of Philippians 4:13-14. Duration: 14′. Price: $20.Available on the “Sonatas and Meditations” CD

P22 Sonatina #1 (1998)*
Dedicated to my younger daughter, Mary Anne. The first movement features a theme composed by her. In three movements: Allegro vivace, Andante, and Vivace. Duration: 12′. Price: $10.

P24 Sonatina #2 (2001)*
Dedicated to my wife and daughters. This is a delightful miniature highly suitable for student use. Three movements: Moderato, Andante, and Vivace. Duration: 8′. Price: $5.

P34 Sonatina #3 (2007)*
A classically conceived sonatina in honor of my son-in-law Sean Peeter McCallum. Duration: 9′. Price: $8.

P37 Sonatina #4 (2011)
A birthday present for my daughter, Charity. Duration: 9’. Price $12.

P44 Sonatina #5 (2015)
Dedicated to Walter Cosand, this three-movement sonatina features a fughetta in the opening sonata allegro movement, a theme and variations based on a twelve-tone row, and a rollicking rondo for the finale. Duration 8′. Price $12.

P18P16 St. Basil’s Cathedral (1994)*
Written for my daughter Charity to reflect her love of the Russian people. In the Phrygian mode. Grade 5. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.

P20 The Chosen Twelve (1996)*
A study in the twelve-tone serial technique of Arnold Schoenberg. The title also refers to the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. For my daughter Charity. Grade 7. Duration: 2′. Price: $2.

P08 Three Nocturnes (1983)
These are three highly contrasting numbers. The first recalls the chordal parallelism of Debussy. The second is in a free atonal style reminiscent of Schoenberg, while the third explores the limits of tertian harmony through exotic 11th and 13th chords. Slightly more difficult than the Bagatelles. Duration: 13′. Price: $4.

P18P17 Variations On “Bells” (1994)*
Written for my daughter Mary Anne on an original theme she wrote when she was eight years old. In the Mixolydian mode. Grade 3. Duration: 2′. Price: $2.

P12 Wedding March After “Lohengrin” (1993)
A more contemporary setting of the renowned march from Wagner’s Lohengrin, especially arranged for piano. Commissioned by Sarah and Ryan Salisbury. Duration: 2-3′. Price: $4.

P40 Weeping Dorothea (2011) WATCH VIDEO
Scored for piano solo.
A piece from the collection Quiltings, reflections of the art quilts by my sister-in-law, Ann Harwell. Published by Tarsus Music. Duration: 1′. Price: $2.95.

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