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V15 Acts Alive! (2007)
Book and libretto by Daphne Saul. Dr. Luke signs copies of his new book, Acts, at the local mall. Duration: 25′. Price: $10.75.

CH01 America (arrangement) (1981)
Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.

CH02 Communion Service (1967)
An early work, composed at age 13 Duration: 15′. Price: $4.25.

CH28 Create In Me, O God, A Clean Heart (1996)
A pop choral arrangement of the song from the Aldersgate II volume. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.

CH17 Dona Nobis Pacem (1972)
Suitable for use as introit or response. Duration: 2′. Price: $1.75.

CH23 From A Mustard Seed (anthem) (2000)
An anthem commissioned by St. John United Church of Christ for its centennial of 2002. Based on the New Millennium Hymn of the same name. Words by Timothy Winslea. Duration: 5′. Price: $2.75.

CH03 Glory To God (1984)
This is the third of Four Christmas Hymns. However it is also quite suitable for use throughout the church year. A vibrant setting of the angels’ hymn in Luke 2:14. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.

Youtube Video of “Glory to God,” from the 14th Annual Intercollegiate Choral Festival, Boone, NC, (1985) Pfeiffer College Concert Choir, Dr. Richard Brewer, Conductor. Video created in February, 2014.

CH24 God Is Our Refuge And Strength (1994)
Selected verses from Psalm 46. Reasonably easy. Duration: 3′. Price: $1.75.

CH26 God Is Our Refuge And Strength (SAB Version) (1996)
A three-part arrangement of the original SATB version. Selected verses from Psalm 46. Reasonably easy. Duration: 3′. Price: $1.75.

CH21 I Am The Resurrection (1993)
A majestic festive anthem for Easter or general use. This is a setting of Jesus’ words to Mary in John 11:25 and her response of faith in John 11:27 shortly before the resurrection of Lazarus her brother. Order two full scores for director and organist ($8.00 each), vocal scores as needed ($2.00 each), and trumpet parts ($6.00 per set). Duration: 9′. Price: $11.75.

CH04 I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (1978)
A vivid, modern interpretation of this text made so familiar by Handel! Duration: 4′. Price: $2.25.

CH30 I Will Love Thee, O Lord, My Strength (2004)
Commissioned for the Fresno Pacific University Women’s Chorale by Arlene Steffen, director. Duration: 7′. Price: $2.75.

CH05 Jubilate Deo (1978)
A lively setting of the 100th Psalm. Duration: 2′. Price: $2.25.

CH06 Let The Children Come (1982)
Written for the baptism of Charity, the composer’s eldest daughter. Duration: 1′. Price: $1.75.

CH02 Magnificat (1984)
The second of Four Christmas Hymns. A setting of Mary’s song of praise to the Lord as recorded in Luke 1. Duration: 5′. Price: $2.25.

CH31 Move (2003)
A setting of a poem from “If only you knew how much I smell you – True portraits of dogs” by Roy Blount, Jr. Duration: 2′. Price: $2.25.

CH35 Now Unto Him That Is Able (2010)
Choral. For: SATB and organ. Duration: 3′. Published by Tarsus Music. Author: The Bible. Description: Written for the Chancel Choir of First Presbyterian Church, Fresno, California, to celebrate the 20-year career of Dr. Julie Carter as Coordinator of Music and Worship. Price: $2.

CH08 Nunc Dimittis (1982)
The last of Four Christmas Hymns. A setting of Simeon’s words in response to seeing the newborn Christ (Luke 2:29-32). Duration: 3. Price: $2.25.

CH29 O God, Why Hast Thou Cast Us Off Forever? (1997)
Written in commemoration of the many burnings of churches in the USA in the 1990’s, this is a setting of selected verses of Psalm 74. Duration: 7′. Price: $15.75 for 3 full scores (organ, piano, conductor), $2.25 for each vocal octavo.

CH20 Praise Ye The Lord (1992)
A celebration of the Lord’s greatness, featuring some aleatoric singing on “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.” Commissioned for the Sunnyside Centenary United Methodist Church Chancel Choir and their director Cliff Fairley. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.

CH09 Psalm 8 (1977)
Two versions as listed above. Full concert band score is $15.00; instrumental parts are $35.00 for the set. For the version with organ (two organists needed) order only vocal scores, which are $3.25 each. Duration: 10′. Price: $3.25.

CH10 Psalm 98 (1984)
A jubilant setting featuring antiphonal singing. The first of Four Christmas Hymns. Duration: 5′. Price: $2.75.

V13 Queen Esther (2006)
A musical based on the Biblical book of Esther. Book by Joyel Daniels. Duration: 70′. Price: $125.25.

CH15 Recognize Him (1987)
A powerful Lenten/Passion Week meditation on a beautiful poem by Barbara Penwarden. Duration: 5′. Price: $2.25.

CH18 Requiem Aeternam (1968)
First movement of a planned Requiem cycle, written to commemorate the death of a 14-year-old friend at school. Duration: 4′. Price: $2.75.

CH16 Rounds (1990)
These Rounds are intended to be table blessings or other short pieces of thanksgiving. They include rounds in all the ecclesiastical modes as well as major and minor keys. Duration: 1’ea. Price: $2.75.

CH11 Sanctus (1979)
Duration: 1′. Price: $1.75.

CH25 Sing Praises Old And New (1995)
Commissioned by the United Church of Christ, Forest Grove, OR, for its 150th anniversary. A festive anthem based on an original hymn tune and praise chorus, with words by Brian Wren. Duration: 8′. Price: $20.25.

CH33 Spirit Of God, Descend Upon Your People-arr (2007)
An arrangement of the hymn by Timothy Winslea and Walter Saul. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.

CH37 Sunnyside High School Alma Mater-choral (2012)
Scored for SATB a cappella.
The new music for the alma mater of Sunnyside High School, Fresno, CA. Inaugurated June 13, 2012.. Published by Tarsus Music. Duration: 2′. Price: $1.50.

CH12 Teach Me, O Lord (1978)
An a cappella setting of Psalm 119:33 Duration: 2′. Price: $2.25.

CH14 The Stone Which The Builders Rejected (1985)
One of this composer’s most popular anthems. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.

CH34 The Word Was Made Flesh (2009)
A setting of John 1:14 especially appropriate for Christmas or Epiphany Duration: 3′. Price: $1.75.

CH36 The Word Was Made Flesh (SSAA) (2011)
Scored for SSAA a cappella.
A setting of John 1:14 especially appropriate for Christmas or Epiphany. Arranged for women’s chorale especially for Soli Deo Gloria, Julie Carter, director.. Published by Tarsus Music. Duration: 3′. Price: $1.75.

CH13 This Is My Country (arrangement) (1982)
A rousing arrangement of “This is My Country” and “Off We Go.” Price: $25.25, full score for chorus and band, $2.75 for vocal scores Duration: 4′. Price: $25.25.

CH27 To Every Thing There Is A Season (2000)
Commissioned by Rendell Frunk for the Estacada (Oregon) High School Concert Choir. This is a dramatic setting of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Duration: 5′. Price: $2.75.

CH19 When The Son Of Man Shall Come Forth (1969)
An early setting of Matthew 25:31-46. Duration: 7′. Price: $2.75.

CH22 Yes (1993) )
A melismatic setting of an immortal proverb by Dag Hammarskjold. Suitable for sacred or secular use. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.

CH32 You Are The Strength Of My Heart-arr (2006)
Commissioned by Bill Thornberry. Duration: 3′. Price: $2.25.
Please add $5.00 to each order for postage and handling.

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