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V15 Acts Alive! (2007)
Book and libretto by Daphne Saul. Dr. Luke signs copies of his new book, Acts, at the local mall. Duration: 25′. Price: $175.00 for all materials.
Listen to “Trouble” from Acts Alive

V23 Feet Feat (2012) WATCH VIDEO HERE
Scored for children’s voices, piano, rhythm section.
A children’s musical celebrating the need of our feet taking us up the mountain to be with God, then into the valley to love others in His name. 11-year-old D. J. Sterling wrote one of the songs. Published by Tarsus Music. Duration: 21′. Price: $175.00.

V13 Queen Esther (2006)
A musical based on the Biblical book of Esther. Book by Joyel Daniels. Duration: 70′. Price: $300.00 for all materials.
Why? from Queen Esther
Destiny from Queen Esther

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