Kiev 2014

Kiev 2014

Kiev 2014

New! Walter Saul’s complete orchestral works, recorded in Kiev, Ukraine by the National Symphony of Ukraine, Theodore Kuchar, conducting. Also features guest soloists, James Buswell (violin) and Rong-Huey Liu (oboe). To order your copy, please follow this link.


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New! Walter Saul’s music compliments Ann Harwell’s art quilts in this stunning display. The quilts and the music tell a story. Video by Daphne Saul. To order your copy, please follow this link.

Sonatas and Meditations


Sonatas and Meditations for Piano

In this album, Walter Saul performs many of his major works for piano. These recordings on the Enharmonic label may be purchased from Walter’s Online Store. To buy this recording, click here. To hear a sample from this recording, please follow this link.

From Alpha to Omega

A unique set of preludes and fugues in every major and minor key, for piano.

Out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light

Music for piano, flute, marimba, and voice. Vibrant mix of classical, modern, and jazz styles

Songs of Requited Love

Music to warm your heart by Walter Saul and Larry Warkentin.



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